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Embarking on a creative odyssey with Death by Tequila (DxT), a renowned San Diego-based eatery celebrated for its Baja-inspired elevated cuisine and an extensive selection of tequila-based cocktails, presented a thrilling challenge.


I approached this by creating light-hearted "tequil-isms," that inspired hand-drawn illustrations that capture the spirit of DxT. Looking to hit a balance that mirrored the complex flavors of DxT itself, I incorporated nuances of minimalism, nihilism, optimism and humor. The integration of Spanglish and Baja-centric phrases throughout the designs and communications further rooted the brand in its cultural heritage. The culmination of the effort was encapsulated in the new tagline, "Saludos from el otro lado," a nod to the brand's playful exploration of themes and its commitment to welcoming guests into its vibrant world.

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