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Firefox + Turning Red

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When Mozilla's Firefox, a champion of internet privacy and freedom, teamed up with Disney's "Turning Red," a tale of self-acceptance and transformation, a unique synergy emerged. This partnership was grounded in the shared values of personal transformation and the courage to show one's true self, mirroring Firefox's commitment to user privacy and the movie's heartwarming narrative. Remarkably, the collaboration drew upon the fun fact that a "firefox" is another name for a red panda, which plays a central role in the film. Together, we launched a comprehensive marketing campaign that encouraged users to embrace and express their true selves online, leveraging Firefox's privacy features. This collaborative effort led to the creation of a custom website offering interactive experiences, alongside paid media promotions, video pre-rolls and custom in-product themes that resonated with audiences. Our joint campaign not only established a year-long marketing direction but also showcased the power of unity in promoting digital privacy and self-expression.

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