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  • Research

  • Foundational language

  • Brand Narrative

  • Voice and tone

  • General swagger

I love Shawshank Redemption, it's one of my all-time favorite movies. So Baba Coffee’s owner's story about being locked up in prison and dreaming of owning his own surfside coffee shop — stole my heart? Soul?  Anyway, Baba was a 16th-century coffee bean smuggler yada yada... and the owner was doing time for kinda the same thing. So then Baba is born.

One thing I love about working with small businesses is that you can see the impact of adding value to their business and how it changes their lives... No Harrison research brand lift study required.

While Baba Coffee had amazing support from the local community based on quality product and personable and present owners, the business had been held back due to its lack of proper brand positioning and clear, differentiated branding. Armed with valuable insights gained through  discovery workshops, I set to work to craft a distinct brand voice and tone. 

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