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My Art Director partner, Andy, and I knew it was about to hit the fan when the called us off of working on T-Mobile's NBA stuff to work on the rebrand of T-Mobile to becom "The Family Network". Since T-Mobile was very focused on produced TV spots at the time, that's where I started.


The first campaign I wrote had Christopher Walken as a school janitor marveling at all the kids and their whiz-bang technology. I was shocked when it immediately got approved, and he agreed to do it... I don't remember what happened but things went sideways. So I rebooted and started thinking about how for a kid, getting a phone is the modern day rite of passage. The campaign I wrote was all about  kids swearing a responsibility oath in order to receive their phones...and that's how the "The Family Network" was launched. We also figured out how to incorporate the NBA partnership into it too.

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